Saturday, 19 March 2016

A Birthday Party to remember....

It's 15:25 and my party starts in 2 1/2 hours.

I still need to get my haircut, shower, prep and ensure everything is ready at The Club at The Hotel Cafe Royal.

Their website reads

"The Club at CafĂ© Royal is the hotel's latest offering, conceived to ensure that the Regent Street venue once again becomes a crucible for writers, artists, poets, musicians. The Club celebrates a long legacy of famed patrons as it welcomes the return of today’s leaders and stars from the literary, art and fashion worlds."

My guest list couldn't reflect that ethos better.

Friends like comedian Helen Lederer is due to make an appearance, author/actor/director/playwright Ian Kelly, Celebrity Photographer Christina Jansen, Saville Row Tailor David Newell (who I'll be wearing).

I've met so many amazing people in my life, that this party is meant to highlight the genius of living in a city that is open to anything.

My musical friends will all be performing live this evening.

First at the baby grand piano is friend, composer and synth guru Paul Wiffen. Wiffen has played with Stevie Wonder, Jean Michelle Jarre and worked with Vangellis on the music for Ridley Scott's Bladerunner.  He'll be easing people into the evening with film soundtracks on the piano.

Next to take to the keyboard will be the legend that is my friend Juliet Lawson like Sugarman after the press announcing she will be the next great British singer (comparing her to Joni Mitchell in style and status) in the 70's. She was out of the limelight for years until a launch of her new EP from which she'll be performing tracks live tonight.

Recently acquired friend Natalie Gauci, is next, the Australian Pop Idol winner will be performing tacks from her new EP "Free Falling"

Then burlesque artist Miss Luci Furr (a former guide at The Globe Theatre) will world premiere her International Berlin Festival Routine before my assembled guests. We'd met through a mutual friend who asked if I'd film it for her submission.  It's great when the first time you meet a person, you meet them naked!

To finish the evening will be the amazing Sterland sisters performing Rock in a classical style, St. Martin graduates Heather & Charlotte (@JazzGamesSoho) sing, play violin and piano.

During the evening their mother the incredible portrait artist Julia Sterland (yes, the girls Mother) will be painting selected guests.  Far better than a tacky PhotoBooth.

All of them, like me, have continually struggled with everything life as had to throw at them.

But friendship and a belief in something far greater than money (volunteer performers from the amazing You Me Bum Bum Train who I'd normally be acting with tonight - will come over when the show closes just to emphatically prove the point) is what drives us and the love of London history is what we love to share.

Like Oscar Wilde, my parties are fun, eclectic, naughty, intelligent and surprising...

Talking of which, better run....