Saturday, 31 December 2016

So that's the end of 2016.

It's been an amazing year, filled with incredibly highs and lows.

I've barely had time to post to my blog, being so occupied writing TripAdvisor reviews, having my first ever Guardian Newspaper article published, ensuring my @LondonersLondon twitter account is up to date, wasted a month on a music video that a friend was desperate for assistance with, but that never got finished.

So that's it, goodbye 2016, but here are some of the amazing highlights of my year

January 2016
Son and I make history, as our Video Diary (Our London Lives) is the first ever to be entered into the permanent collection of Museum of London. Making me the 21st Century Samuel Pepys or Samuel Johnson and extremely happy - Immortal Londoner at last!

February 2016
I take a leading role in the excellent immersive theatre experience You Me Bum Bum Train and play against Madonna, Gemma Arterton, Prince Harry and Cara Delevigne to name just a few.

March 2016
Revive the glamour of a former London by celebrating my 48th Birthday Party in the grandeur of Hotel Cafe Royal Members bar, with Burlesque, Musical performers from iconic 70's stars to Pop Idol Winners and even a Portrait Artist in residence.

April 2016
Staying at Daily Mail Editors, Paul Dacre's Lodge in the Scottish Highlands just as his EU Funding for the place is discovered by the Media.
May 2016
Living the good life on the London Marina

June 2016
Win Natalie Gauci's song writing contest with TEDX London

July 2016
A special 17th Birthday for and with my Son on the roof of the world

August 2016
Perform in the 50th Notting Hill Carnival

September 2016
Reconnect with my Godson after 20 years

October 2016
First trip abroad in years

November 2016
The I, Daniel Blake Campaign

December 2016
BBC Storyville commission & an Amazing Christmas

Hope you've had an equally fulfilling year and next year brings you all your dreams.