Friday, 3 April 2009

My Place in London - A bar that will become just that.

At first, I thought "My Place in London" was an extremely poor name for a new bar, set up opposite London Bridge Station.

But having attended the soft launch last night, I have to say it's a stroke of genius.

It is and felt just that i.e. My Place in London.

The historic connotations to the traditions of the St. Jame's Gentleman's clubs was not lost on its clientele either.

The Gentleman's clubs were set up as a residence and meeting place for those with their homes in the country - in essence a home from home and this bar certainly captured that feeling.

I have never felt more comfortable in a bar in London in my entire life. Everybody talked to one another, everyone was open to being approached, girls didn't felt hit upon and the guys weren't competing for attention.

Everybody had a sense of either fashion, or style, and for once were not competing for centre stage.

The music was exemplary, a mixture of non-cliched aide memoires, that got even the most ardent non-dancer to their feet.

As the place has no dance floor, your beginning to understand the freedom of My Place in London.

As this was the soft launch, there were clearly some teething problems. Bar staff that were overwhelmed by the cocktail list, a difficulty for many guests to find the entrance as it is in the rear of the building (the front entrance directly opposite London Bridge Station takes you into a Pool Hall, which, though part of the same venue, has an entirely different vibe and feels completely detached to its sister bar downstairs) and a door the remained open to let in a chill.

But nothing that marred the evening and would be easily rectifiable before the Opening night.

"My Place in London" reminded why I love this city so much and I would highly recommend to make it yours.

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