Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Disaster of The Apple Laptop Stolen from St. Thomas' Hospital

Firstly, let me say if anyone comes across a silver Apple MacPro 17" Screen Laptop which is clearly mine (check the data - films, folders, images etc.) please get in touch as there is a cash reward of £300 if it's returned with all its data all there.

To steal from someone in Hospital has to be the lowest of the low.

To steal from someone in hospital, whose homeless, wheelchair bound, been there for months and whose only connection with the outside world and reason to exist was supported by his computer is good reason to re-instate the death penatly.

What's worse is apparently the thief was known to Hospital staff. Came onto the ward drunk, claiming he had come to visit a patient (whom I knew) who had been discharged and rather than being escorted away was allowed to sit at the nurse's station before entering my bed area.

The patient opposite my bed watched as the theif casually unplugged the mains lead from the wall, disconnected my dongle and left it on the table, placed the Laptop under his arm and walked out, unobstructed.

This took place in broad daylight, on Tuesday 1st September 2009 (I had thought this was going to be the start of a good month) in a busy ward, with 5 other patients around and nursing and catering staff constantly in and out.

Ironically, I had been downstairs using the computers in the KIC (Knowledge Information Centre) as my dongle had run out of cash.

The Police (who have yet to send an investigating officer) were called, as too were the Hospital Security but neither have has yet done anything.

The onsite Hospital Policeman was on holiday and nobody was covering for him.

The biggest irony of all though was that I spilled water on the keyboard a few months ago taking out the most of the keyboard so to a thief the product is absolutely valueless.

But the information contained on it to me is of course priceless.

So, again, if anybody knows the whereabouts of the machine and can return it with my data still in tact, please do so, I'm only interested in it's return not in prosecuting and the money you'll get as a reward will be more than you can sell it for.

Here's Hoping.

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