Friday, 15 January 2010

A Week of Dealing with the Public Sector

Monday 11th January 2009

NHS Trust St. Thomas Hospital – Physiotherapy (already 5 months late), receptionist forgets to book me in, then they discover I should be in a location in Brixton. Assured that someone will call me back from the Pulroos Centre in Brixton tomorrow (by Friday nothing heard).

Tuesday 12th January 2009

Lambeth Social Worker, Margaret Kukoyi, comes to Hostel with sole purpose of getting me to sign a contact. Forgets to bring it.

Direct Payments Manager, follows that appointment, assures that documents will be sent and I will get a copy by email (tomorrow) and Post (Friday and nothing heard).

Wednesday 13th January 2009

Disability Living Allowance – Nigel Harris of the finance department at the DWP informs me that the 9 months of money I'm owed have been sent to a dormant account by mistake. Ownus of responsibility is on me to get it back for some reason.

Claims that over £40,000 was paid mistakenly into Barclays Bank alone on Monday as their computers were down for 2 days.

Thursday 14th January 2009

Hostel Manager, Rockey Singh, who took over on 18.12.09, writes to say I cannot communicate with him through email (my only means of communication) as it creates to much work.

Issues me with a written warning for not having been in touch with him.

And sends me eviction notice because Housing Benefit have failed to pay them properly, DLA has not been paid (See Wednesday), Incapacity Benefit which got lost last year still not sorted out.

Friday 15th January 2009

Meals-on-Wheels fail to deliver
Mobile phone is cut off due to non-payment
One Support Worker – Josh Decarli – doesn't call me back as promised – can only spare me 1 hour a fortnight to give me support.

I wish I could say this was an unusual week for me. An exception. An annomolie. Or even something out of the ordinary. But sadly none of those ephithets apply. This, like every week in the past 10 months is the norm when dealing with the public sector.

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