Monday, 15 February 2010


As you may recall, about a month ago, I posted snippets of my weekly diary, showing what it's like to deal with the Public/Third Sector when you're in need. (

Things have not improved.

Monday 9th February 2010

One Support – Josh Decarli and Manager Quirina Oduwole argue that we have to have a meeting.

They have no agenda, can't explain why they need a meeting and in essence, are just coming to tell me, that their only task of the past 3 months, i.e. to ensure I was paid my DLA (Disability Living Allowance) correctly, has still not been successfully completed.

Good use of Tax payers money then.

Tuesday 10th February 2010

NHS Trust Kings College – CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Unit – informed me that they only have two physiotherapists and one is off on maternity leave.

The pregnant therapist hasn't been provided with any cover and the other therapist only works 2 days a week and can only handle 2 patients every 3 months.

So I will have to wait a further 3 months for treatment.

Making the entire wait 9 Months in total....if it ever happens.

No chance of walking again then!

Wednesday 11th February 2010

Direct Payments – Manager Margaret Farrell failed to notice, until last week, that the document that she needed to complete her task (enabling me to employ my own carer and PA) had not been returned by Social Services even though I've been chasing her for over a month.

Glad people in the sector are on the ball and assisting with eliminating stress.

Thursday 12th February 2010

Hostel Manager, Rocky Singh after an unexplained absence of 2 weeks (with just one phone call from his office staff to say he wouldn't be visiting but no explanation why), reissues me another eviction notice based on the fact I haven't been in touch.....How, exactly, should I have done this?

This, after he'd supposedly spoken to my Social Worker Margaret Kykoyi to be reminded of the reason for the problems had been caused by the DLA, Housing Benefit, One Support, Every Pound Counts, Lambeth Legal Services, Lambeth Housing, Disability Support Team, Allied Healthcare, Meals-on-Wheels, Morrison support services, ICAS and Incapacity Benefit (and trust me, that's not all the ridiculous initiatives dreamt up by the Labour Government to plug the holes of failure in the Social Services/DWP, you have to deal with).

Friday 13th February 2010

Lettings First - John Armah who was supposed to be handling my case to find me private rented accommodation, but as yet, has failed to offer me a single viewing in 5 months, has quit.

Only discovered this from an auto-reply to an e-mail when inquiring what had been done in respect to my case.

Comforting to know they're on top of things and communicating well with their clients.

It's ironic that the private companies like Access Storage, O2 and Apple are all showing more compassion than the Public/Third Sector people who are actually paid to.

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Allison said...

So true, Paul! I have found in almost every circumstance that the private sector takes better, faster, more circumspect action than does the public sector. It could be some of my ingrained capitalism creeping in, but I think you are on to something. Perhaps seeking out solely private aid might be an avenue worth pursuing? I could be completely insane to say this, and may sound horribly uninformed, but just thought I'd put the thought out there. Is there a way to go to private sources of help? NGOs, or something? Someone who doesn't get money from the government? I know the government is supposed to be caring for you, but clearly it is completely failing.